About Us And Full Spectrum Growers



Paired with up to date growing tips and tricks we continue to provide you with simplified and effective growing methods. 



Providing complete growing solutions to beginners and hobbyists alike, Full Spectrum Growers strives to provide the best products and packages you cant find anywhere else.



Building relationships with our customers is paramount to our success, as you grow we grow. Working together, we will help to make your grow simple and easy. Rest assured you are not alone. 

About Us

Cory Serediuk


Paul Wagner


Cory and Paul, both Red Seal electricians found that starting out, much like everyone else, they were overwhelmed with all the options and information pertaining to growing at home. Realizing that there had to be an easier way and with a vision to provide customers with Simple, Complete indoor growing solutions, Full Spectrum Growers was formed. 

Partnering with Incredigrow Garden Centres in early 2019 giving Full Spectrum Growers and its customers a huge range of products, services and knowledge along with the credibility of 35+ years growing experience together.

They continue to supply quality certified products that have been personally tested and used in a practical home based setting. In an ever changing industry Full Spectrum Growers will grow as you grow, continuing to provide clients with up to date information and cost effective equipment.