At Home Consultation Service

at home consultation grow service

Don't Know Where To Start?

For most people interested in growing the number one question is: How do i start? 

And to that we give you a simple answer. With Us.

Don't grow alone, let us help you.

What Can Full Spectrum Do For Me?

We will sit down with you one on one and help devise a strategy and product line up that best fits your growing needs, skill and comfort level so that you will have the best chances of success when you start your growing journey.

Our At Home Consultation Services Include:

  • Personal Phone Call from one of our professionals to help asses your initial growing needs, skill level and expected outcomes,
  • One on One at home visit to help determine the packages that best suit your needs,
  • Installation recommendations(Location, Positioning, Security, Safety, Etc)
  • Advice on how to get started and what to expect.

After that its up to you to decide where you will take your growing journey. Don't worry, after you talk with our professionals you will be armed with the best advice and have a higher chance of success from your first grow and beyond.

It's That Easy

Our Home Consultation services start @ $150 That Includes:

  • 1 - 15 Minute phone consultation,
  • 1 - One-Hour At home visit,
  • Informational Material, Check lists and Overview.

Thats Not All

After your Home Consultation is complete we will email you a detailed summary of everything we went through so that you will always have this information to keep.

So What Are You Waiting For?

With professional help you can trust you are just a phone call or email away from starting getting started growing today. So reach out, and let us help.

One on One Personal At Home Training

one on one cannabis grow training

Get A Head Start With Training From Our Professionals

Alongside our Home Consultation services Full Spectrum Growers can show you how to have a successful garden in your own home. Paired with 35+ Years of experience from Incredigrow Garden Centres you'll learn everything you need to know to get rewarding harvests every time!

What Can Full Spectrum Do For Me?

With our One-on-One Personalized Training Services you will get to work with one of our professionals in the comfort of your own home, it's that easy. 

Based on your garden knowledge we will go through everything you need to know, from the importance of the pH balance of your water/nutrient mixture, nutrient deficiencies and surpluses all the way to harvesting and curing techniques. If you already have a general idea of gardening at home, no problem. We can cover what you need to know to keep growing strong!

Whats Included?

With all of our knowledge and training services you will receive a breakdown of everything we cover, so you can refer back to it at any time! Plus you will get a informational package filled with quick steps and important facts. 

Our Personal One-on-One training services start at just $150/hour. That includes:

  • One Hour of One-on-One training with one of our professionals,
  • A Training Breakdown To Review,
  • Informational Quick - Reference Package.

Lets Get Started!

Don't hesitate! Tending to your own garden at home is safe and easy and with help from Full Spectrum Growers and Incredigrow Garden Centres you will be armed with everything you need to have successful harvests each and every time.  Contact us today!