Grow Package Installation

grow kit installation

Need help?

Full Spectrum Growers offers unique installation services. Catered to those with busy lives or those who just don't have the know-how to confidently set up all their new growing equipment. There are a lot of pieces to each grow package so let us give you a hand.

Installation services are available 7 days a week, Daytime, Night time, Anytime.

Whats all included?

Our installation package goes much further than just setup. You can expect the following from our professional installers:

  • Delivery of grow packages and products
  • Installation and setup of all products purchased
  • Complete overview of each product, how it works & how to maintain them.
  • Operational instructions to ensure proper use of each product.
  • Growing tips & tricks for beginners
  • Hands on experience from our professionals

The Details

Our installation rates are as follows:

$150/hr+GST, 1 hour minimum.

Typical installation is roughly 2 hours. 

Installations will typically only take 1 hour to complete but with our added service of operational instructions, tips and tricks plus the benefit of speaking directly to our pros face to face, 2 hours is entirely possible. Thats why we want all of our potential customers to know installations may take up to and over 2 hours depending on the attention each customer requires.

Purchases of a Complete Grow Package & Installation Service include free delivery(after payment has been accepted) within Calgary, AB city limits.

But don't worry! Some of our customers live outside Calgary, Alberta. So to help serve you better, you can use the following price list to calculate your delivery costs;

1-50KM Outside Calgary City limits - +$50 Devliery Charge.

51-100KM Outside Calgary City Limits - +$100 Delivery Charge.

101KM+ Outside Calgary City Limits - Please contact us for our delivery / shipping rates.

Want To Know More?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Full Spectrum Growers about any installtion questions you may have before deciding to have your new at home grow operation professionally installed.